Monday, November 12, 2012

Actarus-Atlas Ufo Robot (1978)


1. Ufo Robot
2. Riguel
3. Venusia 
4. Alcor
5. Vega
6. Goldrake
7. Pianeta Terra
8. Atlas Ufo Robot
9. Procton
10. Shooting Star 


  1. This is such a joy filled album and it is great to see it posted on here. Vince Tempera does such a great job on the keyboards and the other members of Actarus are all well-known musicians in Italy apparently.

    My personal favourite is the Venusia track, so tripped out and so far ahead of its time, the female vocals on this track and others is someone called Dominique Regazzoni and tragically, this is the only album I can find any reference to her (though given the unique quality of her voice, it makes me think it was a pseudonym though I can't figure out who it could be).

    PS> This rip is from one of two CDs which came out in 2005 and features an extra track, Shooting Star which was originally a single (it is probably from the Warners reissue as the other CD, a remastered version is rarer than rocking horse shit!)

  2. File has expired and does not exist anymore on server