Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kimio Eto-Art Of The Koto: The Music Of Japan (1962)


1. Sakura, Sakura (Cherry Blossoms)
2. Yuki No Genso (Snow Fantasy)
3. Hachidan No Shirabe (Variations In Eight Steps)
4. Three Children's Songs [a] Temari Tsuki (Bouncing A Ball) [b] Kakurembo (Hide And Seek) [c] Kisha Gokko (The Train Game)
5. Yachiyo Jishi (Thousand Generations)
6. Izumi (A Spring)

                                 Get Side A Here:
                                 Side B Coming Soon (Hopefully)

                                 A small sample of the dopeness:


  1. The download only includes 30 second clips of each song!! Anyway you could reupload it?! This album is amazing

  2. yea Ben is right please re upload!! and thanks for all these gems!!

  3. please men upload this LP again...

  4. hey, only the first 30 seconds of each song are there.

    please upload it again. seems to be great music.

  5. hey guys! i updated the link (again) Side A is now posted in it's entirety but unfortunately i still have been unable to get Side B because Side B on the vinyl copy i own is scratched so terribly beyond repair that i can't get good quality rip off of it...

  6. Hey, do you still have this? Can you re-upload it? Really would love this and any other Japanese music you have.

  7. Big up ! This is so dope! Can you re-upload it ? Im beggin <3