Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dave Grusin-Winning OST (1969)


1. 500 Miles (Theme From Winning) 
2. Everybody's Here (Main Title) 
3. Can I Have Sunday? 
4. Gasoline Alley 
5. California Montage 
6. Pit Stop 
7. Speechless 
8. Impressions-Indiana (Back Home Again In Indiana) 
9. Cedar Lake 
10. We Can Make It (End Title)

Get It Here:

A small sample of the dopeness:


  1. Hello,
    is it possible that you can upload Dave Grusin's
    superb WINNING Soundtrack to another hosting
    website than sendspace? I tried numerous times
    to download from sendspace but it is very very
    slow and between 1-2MB the download is cut by
    the sendspace server (maybe very instable).
    Maybe rapidshare works better ?
    Thanks for your help and read you soon.
    Kind regards, Klaus.

  2. Hello,
    by the way: zippyshare is a hosting website that
    works perfecty. You already have uploaded some of
    your DeWolfe library LPs to this website.
    Maybe you can use it for uplading WINNING too...
    Kind regards, Klaus.

  3. i'm in the process of fixing the link now, i agree sendspace kind of sucks, i will also be repairing all the links on the blog to zippyshare as well as soon as i can! thanks for the suggestion...

  4. Thanks Thomas !
    I have just downloaded this excellent Dave Grusin score.
    Dave Grusin's work for Universal is very underrepresented.
    I think of SHOOT OUT and TELL THEM WILLY BOY IS HERE - two
    excellent western scores he wrote for Universal ...
    Thanks again for your help in fixing the link so fast.
    Kind regards, Klaus.