Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Patchwork-MC 69-Pierre Dutour-Aquarius (1982)


1. Soleil Sur La Mer 
2. Brise Marine 
3. Algues 
4. Aquarius 
5. Gorgones 
6. Corail Noir 
7. Escargots De La Mer 
8. Lagon Tropical 
9. Epaves Sous Marines 
10. Ressac 
11. Oceanide 
12. Ecumes Diaprées 
13. Poisson Volant 
14. Eaux Cristallines 
15. Scintillements 
16. Etoile De Mer

                                 Get It Here: http://adf.ly/ryJ7h

                                 A small of the dopeness:


  1. da links don't work?

  2. can you explain how do u use this linkbuck pleaase

  3. once you click on the linkbucks link, in the top right it counts down for 8 seconds then says "skip this ad" and you click on that, you may even have to do it twice but after you click "skip this ad" it takes you to zippyshare where you can get the file

  4. thanks man let's dig it