Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nelson Riddle-Batman Original Television Soundtrack (1966)


1. Batman Theme 
2. Batman Riddles The Riddler! (Hi Diddle Riddle)  
3. Batus! -A-Go! Go! (I Shouldn't Wish To Attract Attention) 
4. Two Perfectly Ordinary People (!!!)  
5. Holy-Hole-In-The-Doughnut (Robin, You've Done It Again!)
6. Batman Pows The Penguin (Aha, My Fine-Feathered Finks!) 
7. To The Batmobile! 
8. Batman Blues  
9. Holy Flypaper 
10. Batman Thaws Mr. Freeze (That's The Way The Ice-Cube Crumbles!) 
11. Gotham City 
12. Zelda Tempts Batman (Must He Go It Alone????)

                                 Get It Here:

                                 A small sample of the dopeness: 

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