Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Piero Umiliani-5 Bambole Per La Luna D'Agosto OST (1971)


1. Cinque Bambole (Vers. Coro) 
2. Luna D'Agosto 
3. Danza Primitiva  
4. Danza Jazz Moon 
5. Danza Citar Free 
6. Notte Di Luna 
7. Fantoccio Grottesco 
8. Luna D'Agosto 1971 (Organo Solo) 
9. Bambola Omicida  
10. Interludio Azzurro 
11. Interludio Giallo 
12. Cinque Bambole Rosa (Organo E Ritmi)  
13. Cinque Bambole Azzurre (Vers. Cembalo) 
14. Luna Di Pieno Agosto 
15. Cinque Bambole Azzurre (Original Main Titles In Stereo)  
16. Luna D'Agosto 
17. Cinque Bambole 
18. Cinque Bambole Rosa  
19. Luna D'Agosto 1971 
20. Cinque Bambole  
21. Bambola Omicida  
22. Cinque Bambole (Original End Titles In Stereo)

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A small sample of the dopeness: 


  1. Dear Sir: It's impossible to could download this and the Eddie Warner Spies file; could you give us some direct link for both-please. Thank you, Luis.

  2. the links are all working, are you sure you are following the proper download protocol?

    anywho i just gave this one a new link...see if it works for ya Jazz