Monday, February 24, 2014

Neal Hefti-Batman Theme And 19 Hefti Bat Songs (1966)


1. Batman Theme 
2. Evil Plot To Blow Up Batman 
3. Sewer Lady 
4. The Mafista 
5. Holy Diploma, Batman--Straight A's! 
6. Eivol Ekdol, The Albanian Genius 
7. The Batusi 
8. Just A Simple Millionaire 
9. My Fine Feathered Finks 
10. Mr. Freeze 
11. Jervis 
12. Batman Chase 
13. Gotham City Municipal Swing Band 
14. Senorita Boo Bam 
15. Honorable Batman 
16. Robin's Egg Blues 
17. King Tut's Tomb 
18. Mother Gotham 
19. Fingers 
20. Soul City

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  1. Hi Reef, would LOVE this, but keep getting an error message?
    Cheers and thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. Just tried again today, worked like a charm now.. Must have been my own connection yesterday, it started downloading, then "failed" when it was almost done.
      Cheers and thanks for all the great stuff you post, can't keep up!

  3. cool glad it worked for ya Simon!...

  4. i had an error opening the RAR, saying the 'simple millionaire' track was broken, and so then it stopped- having only opened the songs up to that one. going to try again.

  5. second time seemed to do the trick- no problems! must just be a joker of a file.