Friday, March 28, 2014

VA-Spider-Man-Music From The KPM Record Library (1967)


1. Main Theme
2. I'm Scaling This Wall As Easily As I Can Walk / Dialogue 
3. Big Bass Guitar
4. Looks Like Trouble 
5. The Hellraisers 
6. Trap Door
7. Sixth Sense
8. Don't Worry Mr.Mayor 
9. Dream Fantasy 
10. Walk & Talk 
11. Escaped? Well You Wont This Time / Dialogue 
12. Slipstream 
13. Men Of Action 
14. Stand By
15. There's Some Sort Of Danger Here / Dialogue 
16. Action Stations 
17. Thwip / SFX Track 
18. Zero Hour 
19. Grand Prix 
20. Quite Contrary 
21. The Whole Zoo Is Breaking Loose 
22. Maelstrom 
23. Meet The Family 
24. Mods And Rockers 
25. LSD 
26. Discotek 
27. Juggernaut
28. Forewarning A 
29. They're Afraid Of The Vultureman / Dialogue 
30. Walk In A Nightmare 
31. Raver
32. The Washington Affair
33. Forewarning C 
34. Veiled Threat A 
35. How Do You Like Being Tied Up For A Change? / Dialogue Track 
36. Veiled Threat B 
37. Not So Private Eye
38. Dread And Danger 
39. Let's Get This Show On The Road Gang / Dialogue 
40. Drive On 
41. News Views
42. Stop Look and Listen 
43. We're On Top Of The World
44. Harriet & Harry / Dialogue 
45. Into The Sunset 
46. Main Theme (French Version) / Various

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A small sample of the dopeness: 

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