Thursday, March 6, 2014

VA-Top Of The Pops Volume 15 (1971)


1. My Sweet Lord 
2. The Pushbike Song 
3. Sunny Honey Girl 
4. No Matter What 
5. Grandad 
6. Candida 
7. Baby Jump 
8. She's A Lady 
9. Stoned Love 
10. Your Song 
11. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me 
12. Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys

Get It Here:


  1. Hi, can't seem to find Top of the pops volume 08.
    How many volumes are in this lot?
    By the way, it seems like linkbucks has hacked something here as even when you click on comments or older posts their website appears.


  2. first off thanks for pointing out that i forgot to post Pops Volume 8, my apologies, i just posted it for ya here:

  3. as far as Linkbucks is concerned it hasnt hacked anything, i programmed a full page view code through Linkbucks, i realize it can become annoying sometimes but honestly i did it only to increase profits, which is why you are getting Linkbucks adds when you click on anything with vinylfrontier in the URL such as older posts, comments, or even other blogs posted on My Blog List