Monday, March 3, 2014

VA-Top Of The Pops Volume 7 (1969)


1. Bad Moon Rising 
2. Good Morning Starshine 
3. In The Year 2525 
4. Too Busy Thinking About My Baby 
5. Don't Forget To Remember 
6. A Boy Named Sue 
7. Viva Bobby Joe 
8. It's Getting Better 
9. I Second That Emotion 
10. Clean Up Your Own Back Yard 
11. I'll Never Fall In Love Again 
12. Throw Down A Line

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  1. I'll just leave one comment for the Tops series of LPs...I appreciate you making all these available together like this, as you've added a couple I didn't have to my library. I appreciate all your hard work in providing great music here...Thanks!!!

  2. glad you are enjoying them DonHo57...