Tuesday, April 1, 2014

VA-Illest Samples & Breaks-Part 1: Diggin In The Crates

Great sample compilation courtesy of Wickstarr 


1.Yasuko Kawashima-Omoideno Screen 
2.Arif Mardin-Dark Alleys 
3.Bernard Purdie-Black Purd's Theme 
4.Big Bill-Space Caca Del Toro 
5.Butts Band-Corner Of My Mind 
6.Christine Chartrand Et Claude Steben-Les Deux Pigeons 
7.Climax Chicago Blues Band-Louisiana Blues 8
.Crown Heights Affair-It's Me Who Loves You 
9.David Axelrod-Wandering Star 
10.Dick Walter-Spooky Doo 
11.Eddie Bo-Hook and Sling Part 
12.Exotic Guitars-The Enchanted Sea 
13.Flash-Marquis of Kensington (1967) 
14.Amedeo Tommasi Edda Dell'Orso-Thomas 
15.Art Webb-Love Eyes 
16.Fontella Bass-Talking About Freedom 
17.Fred Bongusto-Pensieri 
18.Gil Melle-Dead Weight 
19.Hysear Don Walker-Poo Jo 
20.Jack Arel Jean-Claude Petit-Psychedelic Portrait 
21.Janko Nilovic A L'ombre De Notre-Dame 
22.Jean-Pierre Savelli Francis Rimbert-Transat 
23.Joe Bataan-Chick-A-Boom 
24.Joel Vandroogenbroeck-Computer Groove 
25.John Martyn-Solid Air 
26.Julius Brockington-Forty Nine Reasons 
27.Kunihiko Murai-Hardboild 
28.Lee Moses-Reach Out, I'll Be There-Day Tripper 
29.Malinga Five-Song For My Lady 
30.Martin Denny-The Enchanted Sea 
31.Meri Cetinic I Grupa More-On Je Moj Bol 
32.Misa Blam-Sedam Dvadeset Pet 
33.Stas Namin Group Top # 22 
34.Ralph Carmichael The Young People-A Quiet Place 
35.Rudy Norman-Back To The Streets 
36.Stefano Torossi-Feeling Tense 
37.Tema Di Susie 
38.William B. Tanner-The Cat Series I
40.Yutaka-Breath Of Night
41. Unknown Track
42. Unknown Track 

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A small sample of the dopeness: 

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  1. the link to download is not working :(((( can you fix it or publish alternate link ?

  2. just checked the link on my end and it is working fine, what is the problem you guys are having?...

  3. For those who are having issues with faulty links, in the URL (search) bar you need to remove the start of the link >> http://www.linkbucks.com/FDTf/url/http://
    up to the point where it continues with a www.

    ..skip the advertisement once or twice and all should be working.
    Hope this helps.