Thursday, August 14, 2014

Klaus Weiss-Sound Music Album 11 (1977)


1. Hit It 
2. Research 
3. Get Up 
4. Pace 
5. Funny Patterns 
6. Frogs 
7. Zyklus 
8. Just Funky 
9. Funny Cat 
10. Kids 
11. Swinging Fills 
12. Drum Kids 
13. Signals 
14. Orakle I 
15. Orakel II 
16. News 
17. Space Drums 
18. Sierra 
19. Slow Motion 
20. Traveller 
21. Explorer

Get It Here:

A small sample of the dopeness: 


  1. the link is busted! it goes to adfly no problem, but the zippyshare page is not available.

  2. help, please fix! essential library file that I need!

    1. sorry gog i dont know what happened there, but the link should be fine now :D

  3. thanks friend. and thanks for providing so much of the incidental music for my life! ;)

  4. Klaus Weiss is one of my all time favourite artists and pretty much everything released on Golden Ring, Selected Sound and Coloursound is essential - Vol 18 is out there in blog land for anyone new to KS as are most of his albums with a little blog digging.

    Great post.