Tuesday, August 5, 2014

VA-Albion Mixtura (2011)


1. Veronika Spinarova-Rag Doll 
2. Rodrick-Loves Ok 
3. Stelvio Cipriani-Still Crazy 
4. Jp Decerf And Myriam Chadcar-Like The Wind You Are 
5. Pino Presti-Aghedo Osanwonyi 
6. Patrick Duvet & His Sweet Perversions-Wake Up And Make Love To Me
7. Tomstones-Paura 
8. The Warlord-Alpha And Omega 
9. The Monotones-Big Bang 
10. Roberto Ferracin-Musicone 
11. Norma Jordan-Feel Me 
12. Captain Torkive-Krypton 
13. Eva Eva Eva-Invasione 
14. Olivers Planet-Cosmic Rain 

Get It Here: http://adf.ly/qsrBe

A small sample of the dopeness: 


  1. Cannot decompress it: "CRC failed"

  2. Hi Man,
    same with me. Try to decompress with Stuffit Expander and RAR but it crashed after the 7th track.
    It happened few times with your last post.
    We need your help Mister Reef Ali.

  3. would love this ..sounds fantastic!