Friday, September 12, 2014

VA-The Princess Diaries Volume 6


1. Donna Lynn-Don't You Dare 
2. The Paper Dolls-Cause I Love You 
3. Regina-Gotta Funny Kinda Feelin' 
4. Jean Martin-Three Times Yes Is Love 
5. The Belles-Words Can't Explain 
6. The Apollas-Jive Cat 
7. Becky & The Red Pony-(Baby) I Get The Same Old Feelin'
8. Joanie Sommers-Yesterdays Morning 
9. 2 Of Clubs-Walk Tall 
10. Sandra Barry-The End Of The Line 
11. The Debs-My Best Friend 
12. Gloria Jones-Tainted Love 
13. The Belles-Don't Pretend 
14. Martha Starr-No Part Time Love For Me 
15. The Johnson Sisters-Devil In The Dark 
16. The Tiaras-I'm Gonna Forget You 
17. Marilyn Britton-Big Mr. Heartbreaker 
18. The Jelly Beans-I'm Hip To You 
19. The Charmetts-Breaking Up Again 
20. Deni Lynn-You Taught Me 
21. The Goodees-Didn't Know Love Was So Good 
22. Donna Loren-Let's Pretend 
23. The Paper Dolls-You're The Boy That I Want To Marry 
24. Becky & The Lollipops-I Don't Care (What They Say) 
25. The Darling Sisters-I'm So Proud 
26. The Johnson Sisters-Tough Lookin' Guy 
27. Gail Wynters-You've Got The Power 
28. The Debs-The Life And Soul Of The Party 
29. The Dee Lites-A Little Bit Of Heaven 
30. The Sandpipers-Young Generation

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  1. Replies
    1. i just checked the link, its working fine...

  2. the rar file is damaged. been several files like that.

  3. ok i refreshed the link, hopefully its fine now, the damage issues in the rar are being caused by zippyshare i think...

  4. It's going to the wrong album. It's going to the Fred Barovick link

  5. It's going to the wrong album. It's going to the Fred Barovick link

  6. The link is sending me to the Fred Barovick just like Mitch and Antoine.

    1. wow this album gettin on my last nerves, ok i refreshed for a 3RD TIME hopefully everything is fine now, third time is a charm...

    2. It works perfectly now, thank you!