Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Charles Bernstein-Cujo/The Covenant OST (1983/1985)


1. Theme From Cujo
2. Main Title-The Hunt
3. Main Title-The House 
4. Bedtime Poem 
5. Cujo & Boy
6. End Of The Day
7. Foggy Morning Cujo 
8. Cujo Dark 
9. Cujo Pulse 
10. Entrance To Isolation
11. A Very Bad Dog 
12. Dog Attacks 
13. End Titles 

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The Covenant 
14. Main Title (Ave Goldsmith) 
15. The Legend Of The Damned
16. Slow Death In Ballard 
17. The Seduction 
18. The Unholy Of Mercer Island 
19. Darkness Falls In Wallingford 
20. Voices Of The Damned 
21. Fife Demons 
22. Death Of A Friend 
23. The Summoning 
24. The Black Lake 
25. Finale/End Title (Jerry Satani) 

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A small sample of the dopeness:

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  1. could you please repost cujo and the superman ost's?

    Thank you

  2. i am going to repost the Superman links, but all these links (Cujo & Covenant) are still working fine i just checked...

  3. Oh i'm sorry, i also wanna let you know i appreciate what you do ALOT, i discovered your blog few weeks ago and im kinda hooked on it lol. Lots of beauty on here :) Peace and love a fan from Amsterdam