Sunday, November 23, 2014

Linda Ronstadt-The 70's Collection


Don’t Cry Now (1973) 
1. I Can Almost See It 
2. Love Has No Pride 
3. Silver Threads And Golden Needles 
4. Desperado
5. Don’t Cry Now 
6. Sail Away 
7. Colorado 
8. The Fast One 
9. Everybody Loves A Winner 
10. I Believe In You 

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Prisoner In Disguise (1975) 
1. Love Is A Rose 
2. Hey Mister, That’s Me Up On The Jukebox 
3. Roll Um Easy 
4. Tracks Of My Tears 
5. Prisoner In Disguise 
6. Heat Wave 
7. Many Rivers To Cross 
8. The Sweetest Gift 
9. You Tell Me That I’M Falling Down 
10. I Will Always Love You 
11. Silver Blue

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Hasten Down the Wind (1976) 
1. Lose Again 
2. The Tattler 
3. If He’s Ever Near 
4. That’ll Be The Day 
5. Lo Siento Mi Vida 
6. Hasten Down The Wind (with Don Henley) 
7. Rivers Of Babylon 
8. Give One Heart 
9. Try Me Again 
10. Crazy 
11. Down So Low 
12. Someone To Lay Down Beside Me 

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Simple Dreams (1977) 
1. It’s So Easy 
2. Carmelita 
3. Simple Man, Simple Dream 
4. Sorrow Lives Here 
5. I Never Will Marry (with Dolly Parton) 
6. Blue Bayou 
7. Poor, Poor Pitiful Me 
8. Maybe I’m Right 
9. Tumbling Dice 
10. Old Paint 

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Living in the USA (1978) 
1. Back In The U.S.A.
2. When I Grow Too Old To Dream 
3. Just One Look 
4. Alison 
5. White Rhythm & Blues 
6. All That You Dream 
7. Ooh Baby Baby 
8. Mohammed’s Radio 
9. Blowing Away 
10. Love Me Tender 

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  1. i grew up on her. My dad was a radio DJ and he loved Linda. I knew all the words to her spanish songs, but had no idea what i was sayin as a kid. Great selections. I dont have a couple of these, so thanks Reef #Salute

  2. What a natural vocalist. Great tunes. Love Try Me Again best of all.

  3. Goddamnit she got really good song just I couldn't remember who wrote them..
    Check out sample packs here!: