Saturday, December 13, 2014

VA-G Spots: The Spacey Folk Electro-Horror Sounds of the Studio G Library


1. Douglas Wood-Icicles 
2. Douglas Wood-Folk Ghost 
3. Douglas Wood-Boy On Space 
4. Douglas Wood-Moon Nightclub 
5. Paul Lewis-Waiting For Nina 
6. Douglas Wood-Silhouettes 
7. Douglas Wood-Kids Stuff 
8. Douglas Wood-Soul Riff 
9. Douglas Wood-Five To A Bar 
10. Douglas Wood-Romantic Sway 
11. James Harpham-Moving Parts 
12. Ivor Raymond-Wild Cat Walk 
13. Harry Pitch-Elephants Dance 
14. James Harpham-Visions of 2000AD 4 
15. Eric Peters-Deformed Theme 
16. P Willsher/T Kelly-Foggy Dock 
17. P Willsher/T Kelly-Dangerous Voyage 
18. James Harpham-VoodooTronics 
19. James Asher-Cosmic Dust 
20. James Asher-Liquid Gold 
21. Frederick Judd-Sprockets 
22. F Afzelius-Cosmic Blues 
23. Eric Peters-Planet Travel 
24. Eric Peters-Space Service 
25. Eric Peters-Freak Blues 
26. Cliff Johns-Goofy

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