Sunday, January 4, 2015

VA-Two Gentlemen Of Verona: A Grand New Musical (1971)


1. Summer Summer (I Love My Father)
2. That's An Interesting Question 
3. I'd Like To Be A Rose 
4. Thou Hast Metamorphosed Me 
5. Symphony 
6. I Am Not Interested In Love 
7. Love Is That You? 
8. Thou Hast Metamorphosed Me (Reprise) 
9. What Does A Lover Pack 
10. Pearls 
11. I Love My Father 
12. Love's Revenge 
13. Calla Lilly Lady 
14. Land Of Betrayal 
15. Thurios Samba 
16. Hot Lover 
17. What A Nice Idea 
18. Who Is Sylvia? 
19. Love Me 
20. Two Gentlemen Of Verona 
21. Follow The Rainbow 
22. Where's North 
23. Bring All The Boys Back Home 
24. Love's Revenge 
25. To Whom It May Concern Me 
26. Night Letter 
27. Eglamore 
28. The Lovers Have Been Sighted  
29. Mansion 
30. What's A Nice Girl Like Her? 
31. Dragon Music (Land Of Betrayal) 
32. Don't Have The Baby 
33. Milkmaid 
34. Finale--Love Has Driven Me Sane 
35. Where's North

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