Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Nightmare On Elm Street NES OST (1990)

Courtesy of the collective efforts of Wiiguy309 and Vic Grimes...


1. Title Screen 
2. Town Of Elm St. 
3. House Theme 1 
4. House Theme 2
5. House Theme 3 
6 Underground 
7. Boss Battle 
8. Junkyard 1
9. Elm St. Cemetary 
10. 1...2... Freddy's Coming For You 
11. Freddy! 
12. Elm St. High 
13. Falling Asleep 
14. Waking Up 
15. Underground 2 
16. Freddy's House 
17. The End - Freddy's Dead 
18. Game Over

Get It Here:

A small sample of the dopeness:

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  1. This is some ALC shit! lol
    Tnx a lot for this one!

  2. Classic joints, decent game lol. Thanks for this, bruh

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