Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Michel Legrand-The Thomas Crown Affair OST (1968)


1. Theme From The Thomas Crown Affair (The Windmills Of Your Mind) 
2. Whose Head Are You After? 
3. Room Service 
4. Think You'll Get Me? 
5. A Man's Castle 
6. Chess 
7. The Chess Game 
8. Cash And Carry 
9. His Eyes, Her Eyes 
10. Playing The Field 
11. Something Else 
12. Moments Of Love 
13. The Boston Wrangler 
14. Doubting Thomas 
15. Please Come With The Money 
16. The Crowning Touch 
17. Theme From The Thomas Crown Affair (The Windmills Of Your Mind) 
18. His Eyes, Her Eyes

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  1. i just checked the link and its not dead, not sure what the source of your troubles downloading is but be sure you are navigating to zippyshare correctly

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  3. I just want to confirm that in July of 2017, that link is DEFINATELY not dead! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was really tired of trying to listen to this fine soundtrack via YouTube. As a brotha myself, I question putting this under Blaxploitation. While there's a Black man who helps with the robbery in the film and a Black woman who is initially held hostage at the beginning of the film, there's really no Black exploitation going on in the film. If anything, it's Faye Dunaway who's being exploited... ....but I'm not going there. Parts of the film seem a bit dated, but it's the soundtrack that pushes the whole production over the top and makes this film a classic. Again, thanks for the post!

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