Monday, April 27, 2015

The Players Association-Born To Dance (1977)


1. Goin' To The Disco
2. Make It Last All Night
3. Disco Inferno
4. We Were Born To Dance
5. Everything's Gonna Be O.K.
6. Footsteps
7. How Do You Like It

Get It Here:

A small sample of the dopeness:

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  1. ! Players Association-Born To Dance.rar: CRC failed in The Players Association - Born To Dance (1977)\06 - Footsteps.mp3. The file is corrupt

    ! Players Association-Born To Dance.rar: Unexpected end of archive

    1. wow yea i got the same thing, dont know what happened there

      i fixed the link though, should be fine now

  2. hello reef could you repost your beats the youtube era in style : incatation , spectacular demonstration , street front, life goes one , lifeline , contrast , creepshow , placebo monkey bars, and more s- please this really pleasure to hear again all your instrumentals man !!! keep it real reefali

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