Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fred Myrow & Malcolm Seagrave-Phantasm 24K Gold Limited Edition OST (1979)



1. Intro and Main Title 
2. Welcome to Morningside/Hand In Box 
3. Mineshaft Chase 
4. Phantasmagoria/Silver Sphere Disco 
5. Hearse Inferno 
6. Cemetary Spectres 
7. Spacegate to Infinity 
8. Jody to Morningside/Just A Dream 
9. Phantasm Atmosphere 
10. Tall Man on Main Street 
11. Funeral Organ/Dwarf In Hearse 
12. Under The Car 
13. Mike on the Road 
14. Hearse Chase 
15. Overturned Ice-Cream Truck 
16. End of the Game 
17. Or Is It?

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A small sample of the dopeness: 

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