Monday, November 9, 2015

Ohno Maeda-From Eroica With Love (1982)



1. Okashina yatsura zenin shugo [All Those Guys Seem Pretty Strange] 
2. (Uta) Romanteikku Agein [(Verse) Romantic Again] 
3. Eroika yori ai o komete [From Eroica With Love] 
4. Koutetsu no otoko [Man Of Steel] 
5. Nikui an chikushou! [A Detestable Beast!] 
6. Shikuretto ejento [Secret Agent] 
7. (Uta) O reto o mai [(Verse) Me & You] 
8. Eroika VS Shosa Part I [Eroica Vs. Captain Part I] 
9. Eroika VS Shosa Part II [Eroica Vs. Captain Part II] 
10. (Uta) Senaka ni guddo rakku [(Verse) Saying Good Luck To Your Back]

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