Friday, January 15, 2016

George S. Clinton-Austin Powers Scores, Baby!


1. Cartage/Following/Virtucon
2. Opening/Norad/Evacuation
3. Vanessa's Theme
4. Evil Plot/Steamroller/Mutant Sea Bass
5. Danger March
6. Hit and Run/Heroic Austin
7. Porbe/Fembots/Evil Orbit
8. Soul Bossa Nova
9. I'm Back/Mini-Me/Time Portal
10. Monkey Man George S. Clinton
11. The Shagga-Nova
12. Evil Island/Inside Out
13. Felicity's Theme
14. Laser Model
15. Chess
16. Blast Off/Fat Bastard/Prisoners
17. Swinger Landing/10 Minutes Afo/Gonna Blow/Time Portal Reprise

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