Sunday, February 21, 2016

Stelvio Cipriani-Un'Ombra Nell'Ombra OST (1979)



1. Un'Ombra Nell'Ombra (Main Titles) 
2. Devil Dance 
3. Four Women For "Him" 
4. Daria And Carlotta 
5. The Doll 
6. Elena & Evil Lessons 
7. Raffaella 
8. Daria's Father 
9. Carlotta And "The Professor" 
10. Death Rituals 
11. Almarisa Is Dead & Daria Plays The Piano 
12. Good Vs. Evil 
13. A Strange Symbol 
14. Deathwatch 
15. Dramatic Decision 
16. The Hour Of Infernal Game Pt. 1 
17. The Hour Of Infernal Game Pt. 2 
18. Final Confrontation 
19. Evil's Triumph & End Titles 
20. Deathwatch (Unused Alternate Version #1) 
21. Good Vs. Evil (Unused Alternate Version) 
22. Deathwatch (Unused Alternate Version #2)

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