Friday, March 4, 2016

Brian May-Harlequin OST (1980)


1. Main Title
2. Political Theme
3. Thunderclap Alex Spits Blood
4. Sandra And Alex
5. The Cure
6. The Aerial Did You Cure My Son
7. Can You Think It Was Assassination Alex Scare
8. The Cliff
9. Love Scene (Wolfe And Sandra)
10. Alice Disrobes Shattering Windscreens
11. Wolfe And Alex
12. Pidgeon Appears
13. Acid Alice Face On Tiles
14. The Argument (Sandra And Nick)
15. Wolfe Escapes From Jail
16. Letting Out The Dogs
17. Bergier Trapped
18. March Of The Marbles
19. The Set Up (Wolfe And Nick)
20. Wolfe’s Death
21. Wolfe’s Resurrection
22. Wolfe Killed Again
23. Wolfe Dumped
24. Wolfe Surfaces End Titles

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