Friday, July 8, 2016

Charles Bernstein-Love At First Bite OST (1979)



1. Transylvania Moon/Main Title
2. Magazine Shoot 
3. Horse/Harlem 
4.. Angry Peasants 
5. The Count And The Girl 
6. Sunrise 
7. Cindy 
8. Black Chicken  
9. Salsa Source 
10. Lament  
11. Hypnosis 
12. Rumanian Love Song 
13. Carriage Ride 
14. First Bite
15. Shrink's Office 
16. Burn, Baby! 
17. Manhattan Chase I 
18. Dinner Source 
19. Uptown Church  
20. Elevator  
21. Manhattan Chase II 
22. Love Bites Back 
23. Dancin' Through The Night  
24. Fly By Night  

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