Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Greg Perry-One For The Road (1975)


1. Variety Is The Spice Of Life 
2. I'll Be Comin' Back 
3. Will She Meet The Train In The Rain ? 
4. Next Time I See You (I'm Gonna Be Ready)
5. Love Is Magic (Instrumental) 
6. I Want To Live And Let Live (Love And Let Love All The Time) 
7. Come On Down (Get Your Head Out The Clouds) 
8. Love Got Me Tired (But I Ain't Tired Of Love) 
9. One For The Road

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A small sample of the dopeness:

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  1. Looking for this introduced me to your blog for the first time. Thank you! I will also have to give thanks for a couple of other things I've seen. Is there any possible way you could re-up the Bobbye Hall album? Thanks again!