Thursday, June 6, 2019

John Leach & George Fenton-Identi-Kit (1978)

Courtesy of Cameron Parker over at the Vinyl Frontier Facebook Group...


1A. Starman
1B. Starman 
1C. Starman 
2. Neanderthal Man 
3A. Romantic Man 
3B. Romantic Man 
3C. Romantic Man 
4. Man Alone 
5. Computer Man 
6. Morse Man
7. Banner Man 
8A. 2,002 
8B. 2,002 
9. 2,003 
10A. Galactic Man 
10B. Galactic Man 
10C. Galactic Man 
11. Iron Man 
12A. Mechanical Man 
12B. Mechanical Man 
12C. Mechanical Man 
13A. Mystery Man 
13B. Mystery Man 
13C. Mystery Man 
14. Robot Man 
15. Moody Man 
16. Hurry Man 
17. Matchstick Man

A small sample of the dopeness: 


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