Sunday, April 7, 2013

Metin Alkanlı Orkestrası-Altın Kemanlar (1974)


1. İnleyen Nağmeler 
2. Tövbeler Tövbesi 
3. Bir Başkadır Benim Memleketim 
4. Kalbimi Kim Çalıyor 
5. Aşkın Kanunu 
6. Kara Kuzu 
7. Seninle Bir Sonbahar 
8. Dudaklarında Arzu 
9. Tek Başına 
10. Aşk Hikayesi 
11. Yollar Uzak Gelemedim 
12. Yemeni Bağlamış

                                 Get It Here:

                                 A small sample of the dopeness:


  1. The download links on every post are not I doing something wrong? I would like to help me if you want...thanks

    1. don't know what the specific difficulty you are having is, but if you are having trouble getting past the linkbucks ad, there is a countdown in the top right corner, once it counts down you hit "skip ad" similar to the ads on youtube, you may even have to do it twice depending how linkbucks is acting on a specific day, but hitting "skip the ad" after the countdown once or twice should take you to the zippyshare link, hope that helps, if you have anymore trouble let me know...

  2. Thank you for answering my question...the exact problem is that the countdown never happens. I can only see an instant "LOADING..." message on the top right corner of my screen. I tried to refresh the page, but nothing.

  3. sorry, I mean constant message

  4. Why in 64 kbit. This is so dope, I wish i could get it without paying like a 100 bucks.