Saturday, May 4, 2013

Robert Cobert-The Music Of Dark Shadows (1969)


1. Opening Themes-Dark Shadows-Collinwood 
2. I'll Be With You, Always
3. Josette's Theme 
4. A Darkness At Collinwood 
5. Meditations 
6. Night Of The Pentagram 
7. When I Am Dead 
8. No. 1 At The Blue Whale 
9. Shadows Of The Night 
10. The Secret Room 
11. Epitaph 
12. Seance 
13. I, Barnabas 
14. Back At The Blue Whale 
15. The Old House 
16. Epilogue-Dark Shadows
17. Shadows Of The Night (Quentin's Theme)
18. I'll Be With You, Always (Mono Mix) 
19. I Wanna Dance With You (Mono Mix)
20. Theme From Dark Shadows  (Mono Mix)
21. Josette's Theme (Early Version) 

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