Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ron Grainer-The Omega Man 2.0 UNLIMITED OST (1971)


1. A Summer Place 
2. The Omega Man/Where Have All the People Gone
3. Surprise Party/After the Ball
4. Needling Neville/The Family Wait
5. Swinging At Neville’s 
6. Another Night-Another Day/The Spirits Still Linger
7. Shopping Made Easy/Where Did Lisa Go?
8. ’Round Midnight 
9. Jumped By The Family/The Trial
10. On The Tumbril/The Getaway
11. Bad Medicine For Richie/Richie On The Turn
12. All Through The Night 
13. Zachary Makes His Move 
14. Making Lisa/Cobwebs And Vials/Hope Springs Eternal/Gravestones And Surprises/Lisa Shopping
15. Richie On The Roof 
16. The Future Is Secured/Neville And Dutch/Richie Is Caught/Lisa Joins The Family/Star Chamber/Neville Finds Richie/Neville Crashes Through/Music Box
17. The Trap/Nemesis For Neville/Matthias The Victor
18. Dutch Takes Over 
19. Outtake 

A small sample of the dopeness: 

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