Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The RB's-Self Titled (1981)


1. Explain 
2. Careers Information 
3. Let's Call it a Day 
4. Let Me Feel It 
5. Tonight 
6. Deja Vu 
7. Movie Theme (to Dance to) 
8. Moving Pictures 
9. Life in Exile 
10. Waiting for a Dog Year

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                                 A small sample of the dopeness: 

O Som Do Copa 7-Volume 2 (1980)


1. Contradicao 
2. Maria Joana 
3. Agora E Minha Vez 
4. To Maluco 
5. Pintar O 7 
6. O Circo 
7. Savana 
8. Levanta Poeira 
9. So-Lucios 
10. Som Do Copa No2

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Latimore-Singing In The Key Of Love (1982)


1. Bad Risk 
2. Let The Doorknob Hit'cha 
3. Singing In The Key Of Love
4. Here I Am Again 
5. Brother, Doctor, Sister, Nurse 
6. Baby Come And Lay Down 
7. Do That To Me One More Time 
8. Let's Get High On Each Other  
9. Ain't Nothing You Can Do 

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