Sunday, June 16, 2013

VA-Disturb My Soul-Gospel From Stax Records Chalice Label


1. Assassination-Dixie Nightingales 
2. Nail Print-Dixie Nightingales 
3. Hush Hush-Dixie Nightingales 
4. He's A Friend Of Mine-Jubilee Hummingbirds 
5. Our Freedom Song-Jubilee Hummingbirds 
6. All I Need Is Some Sunshine In My Life-Dixie Nightingales 
7. I Don't Know-Dixie Nightingales 
8. All These Things To Me-Stars Of Virginia 
9. Wade In The Water-Stars Of Virginia 
10. God's Promise-Pattersonaires 
11. I Learned To Pray-Pattersonaires 
12. Stop Laughing At Your Fellow Man-Jubilee Hummingbirds 
13. Jesus Will Fix It-Jubilee Hummingbirds 
14. This Is Our Prayer-Dixie Nightingales 
15. It Comes At The End Of The Race-Dixie Nightingales 
16. He's Worthy-Pattersonaires 
17. Child Of God-Pattersonaires 
18. Till Jesus Comes-Pattersonaires 
19. Give Me One More Chance-Jubilee Hummingbirds 
20. Press My Dying Pillow-Jubilee Hummingbirds 
21. There's Not A Friend-Dixie Nightingales 
22. Forgive These Fools-Dixie Nightingales 
23. Son Of God-Stars Of Virginia 
24. Even Me-Stars Of Virginia

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