Friday, November 1, 2013

Ahmad Jamal-Jamal At The Penthouse (1959)

Great album courtesy of Chris Leidy


1. Tangerine 
2. Sophisticated Gentleman 
3. Seleritus 
4. Never Never Land 
5. Ivy 
6. I'm Alone With You 
7. I'd Like To Recognize The Tune 
8. Cum Si Cum Sa 
9. Ahmad's Blues

Get It Here:

A small sample of the dopeness: 

Dakota Staton-Madame Foo-Foo (1972)


1. Let It Be Me 
2. Congratulations To Someone 
3. Let Me Off Uptown 
4. A House Is Not A Home 
5. Blues For Tasty 
6. A Losing Battle 
7. Deep In A Dream 
8. Confessin' The Blues 
9. Candy 
10. Moonglow

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