Monday, April 7, 2014

Henry Mancini-Thief Who Came To Dinner OST (1973)


1. Theme From The Thief Who Came To Dinner  
2. Love Theme For Laura  
3. Tail Gate 
4. Jackie's Theme 
5. Dog Eat Dog 
6. Soft Scene 
7. Love Theme For Laura (Reprise) 
8. First Job 
9. The Patter 
10. The Really Big Heist 
11. Getaway 
12. Theme From The Thief Who Came To Dinner 
13. Trav'lin' Music 
14. First Job (Part II) 
15. Late 
16. The Meeting/Over The Fence 
17. Settle Down
18. It's In The Car 
19. Watching Dynamite/Webster Vs. Zukovsky 
20. Two Knight To Pawn 
21. An Honest Man/Sneaky Reilly/Lock Up 
22. Don't Worry/Webster Worries/Casing The Joint/Lake House 
23. Ass On The Grass/The Big Heave 
24. Love Theme For Laura (3rd Time) 
25. Houston By Night
26. At The Dance
27. Hank's Square Dance 
28. Ryan's Theme 
29. Love Theme For Laura

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