Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ivor Slaney-Terror OST (1978)


1. "Terror" Main Title (With Vocals & Fx) 
2. "Terror" Main Title (Alternate Version) 
3. Catching Hannah I
4. Party At James's 
5. Carol Runs for Her Life 
6. Suzy Breaks Down In a Storm 
7. You Want a Mechanic? I
8. Ann & Kerb Crawler 
9. Orgasmic Stripper 
10. Phil the Greek Is Killed I
11. Blood Leaking from the Upstairs Room 
12. Viv Is Killed On the Stairs 
13. The Studio Comes Alive 
14. Ann Returns to the Hostel I
15. Possessed Police Car 
16. Ann Leaves Station As Storm Starts 
17. Something Is Bouncing & Flying the Car 
18. Car Hovers Above Ann & Drops 
19. Ann Enters the House, James Dies, Hannah Appears, Flying Sword, Ann Impaled On a Sword
20. "Terror" (End Title)

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A small sample of the dopeness: 

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