Thursday, June 26, 2014

Bruton-BRI 11-Trevor & Geoff Bastow-The Video Age (1980)


1. Turbo (Speed With Ease) 
2. Better Ways (Leisurely With Automated Pulse) 
3. Autocue (Automated Production) 
4. Mechanics (Light Industrial Motion) 
5. Communique (Innovations In Transport And Communication) 
6. Electro Montage 1 (Confident Quick Cutting Montage) 
7. Electro Montage 2 (Editable Held End) 
8. Up Market (Relaxed, Sophisticated)
9. Full Circle (Dissolves And Resolves) 
10. Soft Shades (Soft Sell) 
11. Tradition (Classicaly Based Up Market Invention) 
12. Perfection 1 (Slow, Glasslike, Prestigous) 
13. Perfection 2 (Editable Button End) 
14. Narrative (Neutral, Repetitive Underscore) 
15. Satellite (Slow Revolving Patterns) 
16. Future Promise (Clean, Idealistic) 
17. Clean Machine (Pleasant Environments) 
18. Preview (Leisurely Pase Confident)

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A small sample of the dopeness: 

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