Monday, August 25, 2014

VA-No Categories 4: A Ubiquity Compilation (2001)


1. DJ Greyboy-Master The Art
2. Jack Costanzo Quimbara (Funky Lowlives Remix)
3. Opaque-The Whole Thing
4. Nobody-Sioux's Reign (Part 2 - Unreleased Demo Version)
5. James Combs-Strange Intervention (Shawn Lee's "Put Another Analog On The Fire" Mix)
6. Darkleaf-Eclectic Storm
7. Quorum-Renegades Theme
8. Joe McPhee-Shakey Jake
9. Snowboy & The Latin Section-Oya Ye Ye (Ufo's Tender Moments Mix)
10. DJ Greyboy-Ghetto Boogie
11. John Santos & The Machete Ensemble-Entrada
12. Loqate-Miracles
13. E.W. Wainright & The African Roots Of Jazz-The Healer (Beatless Remix)
14. Nobody-Shades Of Orange
15. P'Taah-There's A Light Inside Your Mind
16. Earl Moseley-Fly In The Soup
17. Tempo 2-Latinlectrofuzion (Ambient Pass)

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A small sample of the dopness:

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