Monday, October 6, 2014

Seiji Yokoyama-The Heated Battle Of The Gods: Saint Seiya OST 4 (1988)


1. Opening: Legend of the North 
2. Brothers And Sisters Of Asgard
3. Odin, Clan Of The Evil God 
4. Broken Friendship 
5. Mjolnir's Hammer 
6. Save The Goddess! 
7. God Warriors Vs. Saints 
8. Gold Cloth, Descent!
9. Frey-Hero Of Love And Justice
10. God's Dusk-Ragnarok 
11. Finish: Under The Wood Of The World Tree 
12. Illusions Of 12 Temples 
13. Andromeda Shun, That Fight 
14. Escape From The Devil Castle 
15. And The Era Of Holy Wars 

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