Monday, December 15, 2014

Tani Naomi-Modae No Heya (1979)


1. Showa Kare Susuki
2. Meiji Ichidai Onna
3. Michizure
4. Sukimakaze
5. Yumeoizake
6. Sai Kai
7. Hanamachi No Haha
8. Sendoukota
9. Namidakoi
10. Sonna Yuko Ni Horemashita
11. Tanin Bune
12. Otoko No Poketto

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  1. THese files sound like they are corrupted homie? any idea why

  2. not sure what you mean by they sound corrupted? like bad sound quality?...

  3. they were jumping like a scratched cd lol, it was my soundcard, sorry for that, big ups for all the gems REEF!

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