Monday, June 16, 2014

MPC 3000 Drum Kit

With over 1500 drum samples, this is our largest kit uploaded to date, and is our most comprehensive. The usual stuff is in there (kicks, snares, hats), and you even get claps, castinets, various effects, percussion, tambourines, shakers, snaps, chimes, and more. I'm guessing it's called the MPC3000 for the vintage Akai sampler, but I don't know if it's a sound set from the unit itself or bundled, or whether it's inspired from sounds that came with it. See what you can do with these!

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Nas Sound Kit

Nas Sound Kit was donated by Big Beat Productions of NYC. These free hip-hop drums were filtered through high-end analog music equipment and are now available for all hip-hop producers to download and use in their beats. Just import the free .wav sounds into any digital audio workstation such as FL Studio and you’re ready to begin. These are professional quality drum samples and capture the vibe of the east coast style. If you’re looking to download FL Studio sounds then this is definitely for you.

Original Art By Custom Made

Piero Piccioni-Il Dio Sotto La Pelle (1972)


1. It's Possible 
2. Nights To Come 
3. Give Love A Chance 
4. No Return Point 
5. Katmandu 
6. Katmandu 
7. No Turning Point 
8. Love Will Find The Way 
9. A Starless Sky 
10. Give Love A Chance 
11. Far East Dimensions 
12. Inventions 
13. Inventions 
14. It's Possible 
15. Let's Dream Anyhow 
16. Love Will Find A Way 
17. St Francis In Katmandu 
18. New Ways To Live 
19. It's Possible Again 
20. St Francis In Katmandu

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