Monday, June 30, 2014

Boom Bap Addict Drum Kit

Here is a new drum kit called Boom Bap Addict, by C-Smoke (I don't...never heard of him) but I heard this kit is dope, about 200 drum samples, you know, punchy kicks, those crazy snares( these are even crazier, call the Doc) claps, hats and more shit. I'm always down for some Boom Bap, so Imma get this kit since its free after all, gonna check it out. Enjoy!

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Prime Loops-The Loudest Drums

Immense collection of 400 heavyweight Drum Samples! Including hard-knocking Kicks, cutting Snares and Claps, heavy Toms, crisp Hihats, unique Cymbals and Crashes and intricate Percussion SamplesSweating over a heavy beat? Fresh from Prime Loops’ resident production combo Rob Talbott and Calvertron, this excessive set of audio additives is provided by two of the finest producers on the bass music scene, so they know a thing or two about dealing out the blows in competitive beatmaking! The Loudest: Drums is stacked up with a phat n’ hefty collection of weighty one-shots designed to give your flagging productions the workout they require! Once your tunes have been put to work with the beats you build from this sound pack, they’ll be towering high above your own expectations. A thrilling selection of programmed drum samples, this sound library includes a few heavily processed live shots too! Are you ready to taste this fresh batch of tasty percussive protein? The Loudest: Drums provides a next-level range of sonic fibres ready to bulk up your beats across a range of genres from Dubstep to Trap, Electro, Dance, House and more! Tapping in at over 90MB The Loudest: Drums is ready to choke slam its way into your mix, pummelling your productions with hard-hitting impacts delivered across 7 folders of Kicks, Snares, Hihats, Claps, Cymbals, Percussion and Toms. Pushing into your sample archive via direct download, this drum sample pack contains a total of 400 one-shots ready to drag and drop from your download folder straight into your DAW! Available in various formats, The Loudest: Drums is ready for action, syncing automatically with your favourite sampling software. Each individual sample is delivered in a smooth, strong 24-bit sample rate for optimum sound clarity. WARNING: The Loudest: Drums is not a force to be reckoned with. This beefed up beat building kit will drop the freshest, hardest, smoothest and sleekest range of drum samples ideal for any genre and it’s completely royalty free. We’re supplying the brawn and you’ve got the brains so let’s get ready to rumble! This Pack contains: • 127 Kicks • 80 Claps • 20 Cymbals • 48 Hihats • 20 Percs • 70 Snares • 20 Toms

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The Grind Music Collection

All sounds are straight from Sean C and LV’s personal sound Collection, NO copied or modeled samples to imitate Grind Music’s sound, 100 Total Sounds, 25 Kicks/subs, 25 Snares, 17 claps/snaps, 14 hats/cymbals, and 19 percussion sounds, No added reverb, delay, or compression, All sounds are in wav format, Compatible with Maschine, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Reason, FL Studio, Acid Pro, and Cubase…

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Ken Thorne-The Protector OST (1985)


1. The Protector (Main Theme) 
2. Hijacking The Truck 
3. Cocktails Anyone? 
4. Welcome To New York 
5. Hotel Shoot Out 
6. The Warehouse 
7. Texan Truck Driver 
8. Hong Kong Harbor 
9. Massage For Two 
10. The Temple 
11. Lee Hing Escapes 
12. Final Confrontation 
13. One Up For The Good Guys