Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Vintage Hip-Hop Drum Kit

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TCustomz Productionz Bass Sample Pack


The anticipated TCustomz Productionz Bass Sample Pack is finally here! Having produced Hip Hop beats for over 8 years, I know how difficult it can be to find good quality bass sounds to use in traditional Hip Hop production. So what I've done for this release is included the EXACT bass sounds I use in my beats! My own, personal, customized bass patches are now available to YOU!

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Prime Loops-East Coast Hip Hop Volume 1

Ever since the "Golden Era" of the 1990s, Hip Hop has owed a large part of its fame and fortune to East Coast producers and rhymers. With New York as its headquarters, East Coast Hip Hop emphasizes a harder, darker, more alert sound, as well as lyrical and rhythmic dexterity. Crisp hi hats, booming basslines, collosal synths, grinding drum loops and much more make up all 300MB+ of “East Coast Hip Hop Volume 1“, just begging to be thrown into your productions the East Coast way. These loops and one-shots have been created to get your tracks banging and your MCs flowing - its time to get producing! The Prime Loops team has been hard at work to bring you beats dripping with the edgy East Coast sound and came up with so much material that we decided to create a series out of it. Volume 1 introduces you to our million-dollar sonic quality but have no doubt that Volume 2 will bring you anything less! With Prime Loops, there‘s no need to worry about those Manhattan lawyers - all our content is cleared and approved for use in any and all musical situations. 'East Coast Hip Hop Volume 1' is ready to be plundered, so all that’s left to ask Brooklyn in the house?!

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Earforce Band-Sky Racer (1982)


1. Skyracer 4:48 
2. Neon 5:34 
3. XY Patrol 1:45 
4. Spaceflight 6:20 
5. Spanish Night 1:58 
6. Song Of The Universe 2:35 
7. Lace 2:50 
8. Astral Gate 1:42 
9. Moon Over Spain 1:50 
10. Spaceflight 3:40 
11. Japanese Garden

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A small sample of the dopeness: 

Adam Makowicz-Unit (1973)


1. The Song From The Valleys /Pieśń Z Dolin 
2. War Song /Pieśń Wojenna 
3. The Song From The Hills /Pieśń Ze Wzgórz 
4. Drinking Song /Pieśń Pijacka 
5. Sacred Song /Pieśń Religijna 
6. Seven For Five 
7. Suggestion 
8. Blues 
9. It's Not Bad 
10. Cherokee

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