Thursday, July 3, 2014

Serious Beats-The Fantom Kit

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Prime Loops-Hip Hop Monarchy

'Hip Hop Monarchy' from Prime Loops brings you smooth Hip Hop loops, featuring plush pianos, rich brass loops, velvet strings and loops, Hip Hop beats, and much more. Need some imperial beats for your regal rhymes? Fast-track your way to the throne with this awesome pack. This brand new sample pack from Prime Loops is the jewel-encrusted key to a royal audio armoury, stuffed to the chandeliers with fresh sounds to reinforce your productions. Crafted in the Prime Loops own palatial sound suite, this Hip Hop sample pack delivers more sonic eminence than Biggie's golden crown! There's no denying that Hip Hop rules the airwaves and long may that continue, but for this honorable genre to prevail as king of the swingers, someone's gonna have to take charge. 'Hip Hop Monarchy' presents a fresh set of sounds for those challengers to the throne who require a brand new set of elements to push Hip Hop forward and strengthen its decadent legacy.  Reigning strong with a colossal 550 MB+ of content comprising of 90 individual samples, there's a wealth of possibilities within 'Hip Hop Monarchy'! Featuring 9 main folders, each holding their own subfolders of Bass Loops, Brass Loops, Percussion Loops, Piano Loops, String Loops and Synth Loops, you can build the basis of your mix at 70, 80, 90 or 100 BPM. Each sample's tempo can be altered to whatever speed you desire with a simple click and drag once you've added it to your mix which is a simple process of dragging the file from download folder and dropping it into your DAW! 'Hip Hop Monarchy' will sync automatically with any pre-existing mix in any major name sampling software and every sound in this pack is delivered at a highly polished 24-Bit High Definition sample rate. From plush piano refrains, to rich brass loops, commanding strings and velvet synths to rumbling royal beats, this pack will allow your productions to rule the Hip Hop scene with a firm iron grip. Prime Loops can't give too much away about the classified origins of this pack, but lets just say a certain old lady residing in a plush palace with a flagpole close to London's West End commissioned this one because secretly she loves a bit of chandelier swinging Hip Hop. So go right ahead and give your Hip Hop productions the royal treatment with 'Hip Hop Monarchy'! It might have the royal stamp of approval but this one's completely royalty-free.

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A small sample of the dopeness: 

Rhythm Lab Hip-Hop Kicking Breaks

41 ass-kicking drum loops for hip-hop music courtesy of Rhythm Lab 
wav+rex2 format, 24 bit, 44100, stereo, 74 mb.

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Clams Casino Drum Kit

Make Creative Trippy instrumentals today with this CRESTED Producer Drum Kit. Contains Similar Sounds & Drum Styles used by Clams Casino Sounds. 

Put together by. Demitrean

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Cardiak + T-Minus + Noah 40 Shebib Drumkit

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