Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lee Oskar-Before The Rain (1978)


1. Before The Rain
2. Steppin'
3. San Francisco Bay
4. Feelin' Happy
5. More Than Words Can Say
6. Sing Song
7. Haunted House

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Ghetto Bird Sound Kit

This hip-hop sound kit is packed with the hottest drum samples like snares, hi-hats, percussions and other sound effects. If you’re a hip-hop producer then chances are you’ll want to scoop these up. These free fruity loops sounds have been filtered and processed through analog music equipment and the intentions of using them in any digital audio workstation such as FL Studio, just import the .wav files that are included. 

Portions of this sound pack were donated by Blizzy Productions in Miami, Florida.

Get It Here: http://adf.ly/ucfS9

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DR-202 Sample Kit

DR-202 Sample Kit is an almost perfect remake of all sound samples found on the vintage Boss DR-202 rhythm/drum machine. This free sound kit was contributed by Flatbush Beatz and gives you all the drums you need create your own loops. These fit well with electronic, hip-hop, drum n’ bass, jungle, house, trip-hop and other styles of beats. Composed mainly of drum samples, each type is sorted by folder and each samples file name was given the same name as you would find on the DR-202. Courtesy of http://beatproduction.net/


If you’re a producer that often uses vintage drum sounds in your productions, then you’ll probably want these.

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Philippe Nicaud-Erotico...Nicaud (1970)


1. Tout Bas, Tout Bas
2. Brève Rencontre
3. Cover Girl
4. Une Fille Doit Savoir Tout Faire De Ses 10 Doigts
5. La Marie Des Champs
6. Bonne Nuit ...Chuck
7. Cuisses Nues... Bottes De Cuir
8. Séparation (Bossa-Nova)
9. Léger, Léger...
10. La Minette De L'Archiduchesse
11. Les Cigales Et ... Les Fourmis
12. Le Jardin Merveilleux

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A small sample of the dopeness:

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