Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Earle Hagen-I Spy OST (1965)


1. The Defector/Main Title 
2. Hong Kong/Elroy 
3. What's The Trouble? 
4. Keep Running/You Lose 
5. That's My Man 
6. Stop That Plane 
7. The Whistle Blows 
8. "007" 
9. End Title 
10. Tokyo/Jean And Kelly/Jean's Pad/Trailing 
11. Oop, The Troops!/Away We Go/Shiftycraft/Dead For Real 
12. Away We Go To Mexico/Bye Bye Scotty/Rapido/On The Road Again/Trunk Store/Chicken Hearts
/Lt. Hernandez 
13. Taxi Tour 
14. Japanese Trick/Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow/How About That!/Babe,With Rocks 
15. End Title 
16. Burma/The Chase/And On And On/Of Some Value
17. My Lord!/She Is Chinese 
18. Prelude To Dreamsville/The General Dies 
19. Down The River 
20. The Plaza/Main Title
21. Don Silvando/Blonde Gothic/Travelin'/Sighted 
22. Don Quixote II/Attack/Upsy Daisy 
23. My Professor, The Nut/Wild Stuff/Goodbye Crooks 
24. Don Strikes/So Long, Don 
25. End Title

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  1. Some great soundtrack recordings recently. Thanks for sharing!

  2. many thx for this - really appreciated
    do u have the Volume 2 the fsm I Spy release (The LPs)?

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