Friday, July 10, 2015

VA-Lost Deep Soul Treasures Volume 1


1. It's All Wrong (But It's All Right)
2. Tired Of Being Your Fool
3. No One Else Would Do
4. Oh Dreamy Me
5. Counting Teardrops
6. Say You Will
7. Darling Don't Come Back
8. Oh My Love
9. First Come, First Served
10. I Found A Love
11. Where Does Love Go
12. Found A Love, Where It's At
13. I Had A Nightmare
14. No Love Have I
15. You Hurt Me For The Last Time
16. I Don't Want To Go On Without You
17. Still My Life Through
18. Don't Drive Me Away
19. Baby One More Time
20. If I Ever Needed Your Love
21. I Can't Wait
22. Young, Dumb
23. Throw Away The Key
24. Throw Away The Key
25. I'm Sad About It

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