Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Charles Bernstein-Mr.Majestyk OST (1974)


1. Majestyk Main Title  
2. His Own Man  
3. Melon Harvest  
4. Danger Lurks 
5. Another One Rides The Bus 
6. Bad Guy / Good Guy 
7. At The Cantina 
8. Up To No Good 
9. Bobby’s Truck Rock ‘N’ Roll 
10. Vince And Nancy 
11. The Road  
12. Stealth 
13. Contemplation 
14. Cantina Romantica 
15. Tension Dimension 
16. On The Move
17. Bus Escape 
18. Country Juke 
19. In The Wrong Business  
20. Chasing The Chase 
21. Majestyk’s Land

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