Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Gloria Ann Taylor-Love Is A Hurtin' Thing (2015)


1. Love Is A Hurtin' Thing 
2. How Can You Say It 
3. What I Want 
4. Burning Eyes  
5. Deep Inside Of You  
6. World That's Not Real  
7. What's Your World  
8. Had It All The Time  
9. Jolene  
10. Music 
11. Deep Inside Of You (12" Version)  
12. Love Is A Hurtin' Thing (12" Version) 
13. Brother Less Than A Man


  1. Hey, you´re back - I hope everything is alright and that we can expect more of your fantastic posts.You make an old Beat-digger like me a happy man.

    Keep the faith
    Raimund (from Germany)

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  3. Burning eyes...
    it can be arrived seeing the black woman opening your night to the light inside

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